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Keyword Machine turns your lists of products, services or locations
into tightly themed Google AdWords campaigns

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Benefits of using Keyword Machine

 Works with your data

Keyword Machine is designed to work your existing keywords and data. Just paste in, or upload, your products, services or locations as CSV files.
Big data sets aren’t a problem; Keyword Machine is designed for hundreds of columns and millions of rows.
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 Saves you time. A lot of time.

Automating the process of combining lists of keywords and data into AdWords Campaigns saves a lot of time.
What used to take days of painstaking work in spreadsheets, formulas, and copy/pasting to create campaigns can be achieved in just minutes using our simple interface.
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 Powerful, easy to use.

Creating campaigns is simple: you don’t need to have any fancy spreadsheet, programming, or scripting skills.
Just upload your lists of keywords and data, choose your options, write your ad copy, and the campaigns get built.
If you can copy and paste, you can use Keyword Machine.

 Affordable Monthly Plans

Anyone can build small campaigns with a free account. For bigger campaigns, plans start as low as just $19/month.
We care about the stuff you care about: all plans are pay as you go, there are no lock-in contracts, you can change plans whenever you like, and pay with credit card or Paypal.
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 Improve your campaigns

We build your campaigns the right way; by creating long lists of relevant keywords, organising them into small, tightly-themed ad groups, and using the keywords to create highly relevant ads.
Doing this will optimise your campaign, driving down average CPC, increasing Click Through Rate and Quality Score.
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 Smart ad copy creation

Quickly set up an ad template that inserts your keywords into all your ads, creating thousands of ads from your keywords.
Our backup options allow your ads to stay within Google’s character limits the way that you want.
More relevant ads with keywords in the copy will have better CTRs, increased Quality Score, and reduced average CPC.
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Transform your existing data into SEM/PPC campaigns

Keyword Machine allows you to import your Keywords, Data and Stem Keywords to create your AdWords Keywords, Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads.
By importing your data in the generic CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, Keyword Machine allows you to work from either your own spreadsheets, or data exports from your databases. This could be an export of all the products in your e-commerce store, a list of all your store locations, a database of all your services, or any other type of data you have available for your campaigns.
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Build tightly-themed Campaigns and Ad groups

Using Tokens from your Keywords and Data, can organise your combined keywords into tightly-themed Campaigns and Ad Groups. Keyword Machine lets you easily choose which tokens from your imported data to build the Campaign and Ad group names with, resulting in your combined Keywords being neatly organised in small, tightly themed Campaigns and Ad groups.
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Create highly relevant ads

Keyword Machine’s powerful Ad Template system allows you to insert your Keywords and Data into your ads, resulting in thousands or millions of unique ads, each highly relevant to the Ad group in which it appears.
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Import campaigns directly into Google Adwords Editor

Keyword Machine exports your combined Keywords, Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads in Google AdWords Editor CSV format.
You can then upload it straight into Editor, or make your own changes to the CSV file in a spreadsheet program, then upload it into Editor.
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