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Drop that Zero and Get with a Hero: Forget about Excel for Creating Your PPC Ad Campaigns and Switch to Keyword Machine

Keyword Machine PPC Tool

Search engine marketing is a bit like dating. Just as you dream about finding someone you love to live happily ever after, you also dream about the fairy tale happy ending in which your site goes viral and you start making money hand over fist through product sales or ad revenue.

You do everything that the books and blogs tell you to do to find it, creating arbitrary rules for what to do and what not to do to succeed – just like you might tell yourself not to call someone you just started dating for three days so that you can keep the person interested and improve your chances of turning it into a long-term relationship. The “rules” reassure you that if you just do what the experts say, you’ll reach your goal.

Just as you might date around to try to find “the one,” you’ll likely also try out a lot of tools that promise you big results, trying to find the one that finally leads you to that happy ending. Unfortunately, just like dating, you’ll probably go through a few a lot of “zeroes” before you finally find your hero.

You may have been using Excel for years now to manage your pay-per-click advertising campaign, thinking that it’s “the one.” While Excel might be the nice guy that you date for years thinking the relationship is going somewhere, once you try out Keyword Machine, it will be like finally meeting your soul mate and realizing what you were missing out on all that time. What once felt like hard work will now feel right. It’s love. It’s the one.


Unbounce and Keyword Machine: The Cool BFFs that Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Keyword Machine PPC Tool

Getting more visibility for your website is key to its success. Yet visibility alone isn’t enough. You also need to convince those users to click through to your site, to stay long enough to learn more about your company and your products and services, and then to buy some of those products and services or to sign up for your mailing list so that they become leads for ongoing sales opportunities.

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can help you get the visibility, but you need the right strategies to help you get the click-through rate you need. Then you need to create landing pages and copy that are designed to convert.

That’s where Unbounce and Keyword Machine come in. Keyword Machine has long been helping site owners to quickly create effective AdWords campaigns that use large lists of related keywords, and Unbounce has an established reputation for helping site owners create landing pages that convert. Now Unbounce has a new service that uses dynamic text replacement to quickly create new landing pages using closely related keywords, including location tags.


Stop worrying about ad relevance! A Keyword Machine guide to creating highly relevant PPC ads in 4 easy steps

Keyword Machine PPC Tool

If you have used Google AdWords for any length of time, you will almost certainly have encountered the stressful ‘Below average’ ad relevance status when optimising your PPC campaigns.

Ad relevancy is one of the factors that Google AdWords uses to formulate your overall quality score. If you can improve your ad relevance, it should result in better quality scores. Higher quality scores can lead to lower CPCs, higher CTRs and more clicks to your website. Believe it or not, a good quality score can save you up to 50% on your cost per clicks.

Below average ad relevancy is due to the keywords and content of your ads not being closely related. If your ad group’s keywords are too broadly grouped, your ads are not going to appear relevant to a user’s search.

Five tactics to increase the relevancy of your ads:


  • Build small, tightly themed ad groups – only include closely related keywords in each ad group.
  • Ads should be highly relevant to all the keywords in your ad group.
  • Write your text ads to include the actual keywords from the ad group.
  • Use the main keyword from your ad group in your display URL.
  • Use specific, targeted landing pages that include your keywords for each ad group.
Thanks to White Shark Media for inspiring these ad relevancy tips.

Often the root of the problem is just time, as it’s tedious and difficult to write highly relevant and compelling adverts whilst keeping your keywords tightly themed in hundreds or thousands of ad groups. This is where Keyword Machine can help save you time, effort and most probably, your sanity.

Keyword Machine is a remarkable new PPC tool that accelerates campaign builds and streamlines ad copy writing. By using the power of tokens (column headings), Keyword Machine can help you build beautifully structured PPC accounts in just a few clicks.

In this post, I will guide you through building your first PPC campaign with Keyword Machine and illustrate how you can generate thousands of ads in minutes, while maximising your chances of getting ‘Above average’ ad relevancy by grouping them in tightly themed ad groups.