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AdWords ad copy tool to create highly relevant ads

Keyword Machine’s powerful ad text template tool allows you to dynamically insert your keywords and meta data into your ad copy, generating thousands or millions of unique ads, each highly relevant to the ad group in which it appears.

By using tokens within our ad templates, we can insert combined keywords, keywords and stem keywords into ad headlines, description, display URLs and destination URLs. By including the actual keywords and their corresponding attributes, we can create detailed text ads that are highly relevant to their ad groups.

Text Ads

Tokens can be added into your Text Ad so corresponding data from your imported CSV can be dynamically inserted for each Ad Group. You can create multiple ad templates if you wish to test different ad messages in the same ad group.

Backup Ad

If a token causes a field in the text ad to exceed Google’s character limit, then Keyword Machine can swap out just that field or the entire ad with your backup ad automatically.

This allows you to generate hundreds of text ads that all comply with Google’s character limits and is ready to upload immediately into Google AdWords, without any further changes.


Have full control of the formatting of your keywords and data in your Camaigns, Ad groups and Ads