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Full control over formatting and output

Keyword Combinations

You can join Keywords and Stem Keywords in both forwards and backwards direction. If you want to include the Keyword in the Ad Group, we’ll even let you do that too.

Keyword Combination

Match Types

Keyword Machine supports all positive Google AdWords keyword matching options including the latest modified broad match modifier.

Keyword Matching Options


Sometimes your data needs to be formatted differently for different areas. Headline can look better in Title case but Destination URL needs to be in lowercase. Keyword Machine allows you to individually change text case for campaigns, ad groups and ad templates tokens.

Change Text Case

Replace Spaces

Spaces can sometime break URLs. Keyword Machine lets you replace spaces in all tokens with any character such as underscore _ to avoid errors in your campaign such as Destination URLs breaking.

Replace Space


Export your Keywords, Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads in Google AdWords Editor CSV format, and import into Editor