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Reasons to use Keyword Machine

Easy to manage and beautifully organised campaigns

Successful PPC campaigns have several important attributes:

  • extensive use of targeted keywords, avoiding just bidding on broad match head terms.
  • good organisation so that ad groups are small and tightly-themed
  • relevant ads targeted to specific keywords

The Keyword Machine lets you build campaigns matching all of these attributes

  • build very long lists of keywords based on the combinations and permutations of how users search for your type of business
  • template-driven organisation of ad groups breaks down the list of keywords into tightly-themed ad groups
  • ad copy templating system allows you to insert your keywords into the ad copy, creating multiple versions of highly relevant ads for every ad group.

Additionally, when you start running a well organised campaign, you can much better optimise the campaign by being able to see which ad groups perform, and which don’t.

Get more clicks and customers with highly relevant ads

The key to creating successful text ads that achieve high Click Through Rates (CTR) and Quality Scores is ensuring that the ad copy is extremely relevant to the keyword that the ads are showing against.

If you create generic ads across all your ad groups, they will be less relevant, and will likely have lower CTRs than targeted ads which contain the keywords from the ad group.

By using our ad copy templating system, you can insert your keywords, prices and promotions directly into your ad copy, and ensure that your ads match the keywords in your ad groups. When your ads match the keywords in the ad groups, it drives higher CTR, Quality Score and conversion rates. As all those increase, you can bid less for the same keywords, driving your average CPC down.

Saves you time

Building a campaign manually can take a really, really long time. Even if you’ve got some automation in a spreadsheet or some sort of script, it’s still a difficult and time-consuming process.

The Keyword Machine is designed to take away all the headache of working out how to build your campaigns, and lets you focus on getting the content of the campaign right.
We automate the process of combining list of words into keywords, organising them into tightly-themed ad groups, and building ads from simple templates that you create.

If you’re building or updating a big campaign, The Keyword Machine can take something that might have taken days, and reduce it to just minutes.

Easy to use

Creating campaigns with The Keyword Machine is simple: you don’t need to know any fancy spreadsheet skills, programming, or scripting.

Just put in your lists of words, choose your options, write your ad copy, and your campaign gets built.

If you can copy and paste, you can use The Keyword Machine.

Access anywhere, anytime

Being completely web-based, The Keyword Machine lets you create, edit and export campaigns from wherever you are.

  • There’s no software to install
  • Your account and all your keywords, campaigns, and files are all stored securely on our cloud servers.
  • You can come back and refresh ad creatives from existing keyword lists anytime
  • Works with all major browsers on both PCs and Macs