Transform your existing data into SEM/PPC campaigns

Keyword Machine allows you to import your Keywords, Data and Stem Keywords to create your AdWords Keywords, Campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads.

By importing your data in the generic CSV (Comma Separated Values) format, Keyword Machine allows you to work from either your own spreadsheets, or data exports from your databases. This could be an export of all the products in your e-commerce store, a list of all your store locations, a database of all your services, or any other type of data you have available for your campaigns.

Keyword Machine is designed for enterprise-scale data sets: we’ve tested hundreds of columns and millions of rows, so that you’re able to use all the data that your systems export.


Keywords are your list of products, services, categories or brands on how to group your combined keywords together.

Examples of Keywords could include:

  • City locations for an Airline e.g. San Francisco, Osaka, Melbourne
  • Brands for an Appliances Retailer e.g. Bosch, Electrolux, Sharp, Tefal, Westinghouse
  • Categories for a Shoe Store e.g. Boots, Sandals, Flats, Trainers, Wedges
  • Specific products for a Shoe Store e.g. Nike Air Jordan, Reebok Pumps

Stem Keywords

Stem Keywords are prefixes or suffixes added to your Keywords to create a new phrase to use in your AdWords Campaigns.

In the example of an airline that flies to San Francisco, stems for the Keyword “san francisco” could be:

Stem Keyword Keyword + Stem (Stem as suffix) Stem (as prefix) + Keyword
cheap flights
airline tickets
san francisco flights
san francisco cheap flights
san francisco airfares
san francisco airline tickets
flights san francisco
cheap flights san francisco
airfares san francisco
airline tickets san francisco


Data is the “power feature” of Keyword Machine: it allows you to associate all sorts of information with every keyword in your AdWords Campaigns, and insert this Data into Campaign Names, Ad Groups, and Ads.

For example, if you were building a campaign around a list of City location keywords, each city keyword could have a large number of properties: Region, Country, Quantity, etc (see screenshot below).

Keyword Machine allows you to use this data in the ad for that keyword. For example, you could use the [Region] token automatically insert the “California” into an ad about San Francisco.


Organise your Keywords into tightly-themed Campaigns and Ad Groups