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Unbounce and Keyword Machine: The Cool BFFs that Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Keyword Machine PPC Tool

Getting more visibility for your website is key to its success. Yet visibility alone isn’t enough. You also need to convince those users to click through to your site, to stay long enough to learn more about your company and your products and services, and then to buy some of those products and services or to sign up for your mailing list so that they become leads for ongoing sales opportunities.

Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can help you get the visibility, but you need the right strategies to help you get the click-through rate you need. Then you need to create landing pages and copy that are designed to convert.

That’s where Unbounce and Keyword Machine come in. Keyword Machine has long been helping site owners to quickly create effective AdWords campaigns that use large lists of related keywords, and Unbounce has an established reputation for helping site owners create landing pages that convert. Now Unbounce has a new service that uses dynamic text replacement to quickly create new landing pages using closely related keywords, including location tags.

Unbounce and Keyword Machine BFFs

Keyword Machine and Unbounce’s dynamic text replacement are a match made in heaven, and though they’ve just met, they’ve already become fast friends. These new BFFs can lend their savvy to your website to make it more popular in search. Think of it like the cool kids in high school giving you the lowdown on all the social cliques to avoid and how to be “in” with the right groups, helping to raise your social capital more quickly.

Unbounce Dynamic Text Replacement

Creating an exceptional landing page is one of the most effective ways to convert your visitors into leads or buying customers. The page may be the first thing that your visitors see on your website, and every word on the page counts. That means that even slight changes in the keywords you use can influence your visitors’ behavior on the page.

Manually creating new landing pages around each keyword change is time-consuming and cumbersome. Doing so uses up more resources than is worth it for the return you get. With the new dynamic text replacement from Unbounce, you can easily create hundreds of new landing pages in just minutes. You set the parameters for determining what words are to be replaced, and the software automatically updates your copy with the keywords you specify.

Unbounce Dynamic Text Replacement

In the video example Unbounce uses, content is easily inter-changable depending on what SEM ad the user originally came in from.



Keyword Machine

You need to get visitors to your site before they can see your landing pages. Keyword Machine can help you quickly create large groups of closely related PPC ads to help you increase your click-through rate and get search users to your site.

To use the service, you simply import your list of keywords, and Keyword Machine’s text-replacement functionality can swap out the keywords in your ads so you don’t have to rewrite each one – very similar to the dynamic text replacement that Unbounce has introduced for landing pages. You set the parameters for your ads, noting where you want to change words, such as using variations of a noun like “flights” and “airfares” or changing the location based on where users are. Backup ad options are available to help you stay within the character limits for AdWords when you are replacing text.


No job is too big or too small. If you are a small business or blog owner who is just starting to experiment with PPC, you can sign up for a free account and export as many as 2,000 keywords and ads. However, if you run an agency and handle multiple sites or very large, corporate sites, you can use Keyword Machine to export millions of keywords and ads.

You can also use Keyword Machine to sort your keywords into relevant ad groups, which is crucial for improving your ad relevance score. The software works quickly, helping you to save time and to create more effective campaigns.

Using Keyword Machine helps you to better match your ads with the search terms that users are entering, which helps you to create more effective ads that drive your click-through rates and improve your quality score. The higher your quality score, the lower your bid must be to get the visibility you need for your ads, which helps you to save money and maximize the return on your investment.

A Beautiful Merger

Keyword Machine and Unbounce’s dynamic text replacement tool work together perfectly. With Keyword Machine, you create the ads you need to capture more visitors by closely matching the search terms that they are using. You can then use those same keywords to create dynamic landing pages in Unbounce that are tied to the ads. Therefore, when someone searches for “New York flights,” they will get an ad and a landing page with that keyword phrase in the copy, while others will get ads and landing pages with the keyword phrase “London flights” when they search for that instead. The two-pronged approach creates consistency in the user experience, strengthening the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

The way the software works for both Keyword Machine and Unbounce is also very similar. For example, say you have the following set of keywords that you are going to upload in Keyword Machine:


When you upload the data set to Keyword Machine, you can quickly create variations on your ads, then push that information into Unbounce to create matching landing pages. The information is drawn directly from the columns in the CSV file that you upload. Publish the data once via CSV, and the information is repurposed in both your AdWords campaign and Unbounce landing pages.

For dynamic text replacement to work in Unbounce, setup your destination URL template in Keyword Machine in the following format:
[landing page URL]?[parameter1]=[value]&[paramater2]=[value] … and so on, adding as many parameters as you like.

Using the data set from above, an example destination URL template for Keyword Machine can look like this:[Destination]&fareclass=[FareClass]&faretype=[faretype]&price=[Price]

… which will generate the following destination URLS in your AdWords ads:


Keyword Machine can even replace spaces in your parameter values, such as replacing “New York” with “New+York,” which is ideal for Unbounce dynamic text replacement because Unbounce translates a dash (-) or plus (+) to spaces in the landing page copy.


So when a user goes to, this would result in a landing page that provides information about economy fares to New York that cost $1119.

For example, the H1 template on your Unbounce landing page might look like “[Destination] Flights on Sale Now,” which would translate to “New York Flights on Sale Now,” or “[Fareclass] fares starting from $[fare],” which would translate to “Economy fares starting from $1119.”

By using Keyword Machine and Unbounce’s dynamic text replacement tool together, you’ll drive click-through rates and conversions through the roof by giving your visitors the exact information they need and positioning your brand as the answer to their problem. When using these two tools together, you will also increase your quality score with Google, helping you to bring down the costs of your PPC campaign, both in the amount you pay for each click you get and for each conversion.

The bottom line: When you use Keyword Machine and Unbounce, you’ll increase traffic, increase sales and lower your costs. It’s the perfect recipe for the success of your site.

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